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Detective Conan : The Crimson Love Letter | Anime Movie Review

July 20, 2017

Another full-length Detective Conan movie was just out this year, this time it focuses on the romance between Hattori Heiji, the Great High School Detective from West, Conan/Kudo’s rival and best friend and Toyama Kazuha, Heiji’s childhood friend (sweetheart). It also features the world of competitive Karuta. The movie is the 21st from the Detective Conan Franchise. The film title is, Detective Conan: The Crimson Love Letter.

Detective Conan: The Crimson Love Letter is directed by Kobun Shizuno and produced at TMS Entertainment. The film was released in Japan last April 25, 2017 and now showing on selected SM Cinemas in the Philippines just yesterday July 19, 2017. Detective Conan is an ongoing manga series by Gosho Aoyama. It was serialized on 1994 and going strong until now.

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Japan in Cebu: Kawaii Cafe – Japanese Cafe

July 7, 2017

When I was in Ormoc I stayed most of the time at the house during offs because I find our house the best chilling place ever. There’s unli food, tv, WiFi and it’s not humid even if we only have our humble electric fan. Plus, I have pets and siblings I can play with. Upon settling here in Cebu, I felt the restlessness whenever I just stayed in our rented place. No food, unless I make or buy or have it delivered, no WiFi but cheers to fast mobile data, no noisy pets and siblings. I cannot concentrate in what I need to do, like write, watch random series and edits videos. With this, I decided to start my quest in finding the best chill places in Cebu with the goal of helping others who are new to Cebu.

First on my list right now is Kawaii Cafe – Japanese cafe located at 40 Pantaleon del Rosario St, Cebu City, in front of USC Main just beside Albertos pizza. It’s no secret that I am a Japanophile. I like Japan not only because of the anime or manga but I love it as a whole.

2017-06-17 02.13.37 1

It’s on my top 3 list of country to visit. First is my own country, I have my #PilipinasKongMahal goals. Travelling abroad is not yet on my plan or budget but since Cebu has a lot of Japanese tourist, it’s like there’s a part of Japan already in Cebu, including this anime-themed cafe.

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Adulting Adventures

BEST MONEY SAVING TIPS: For people struggling in adulting

June 10, 2017

According to statistics, only 4 out of 10 Filipinos have savings. One reason is most Filipinos are not aware how banks works or they just don’t know how to save.

Adulting is hard. Really hard. I realized it when I decided to live in Cebu alone (not really, I’m with my brother but technically due to work schedules, we rarely meet) From eating, cooking, commuting, doing laundry, cleaning all by yourself, the hardest part is the budgeting. But to tell you honestly, budgeting is the most fun for me. I get to manage my own money unlike before, whenever I ran out of allowance I could just easily ask my Mom or Dad to give me even if I’m already a working young adult. Such shameless days.


Why am I writing this and why you should trust me?

I decided to write this because I notice people my age don’t seem to know what budgeting or savings is. I feel bad when they say, “oh, tingbits na” even if it’s only 3 days after pay day. I feel bad whenever someone comes to me to borrow money because they spent it all already for God knows what and here I am, enjoying my 3in1 coffee which is also free in our office.

Anyhow, you should trust me with this post not because I’m a Finance graduate or because everyone who personally knows me, know how a cheapskate that I afraid of debts BUT simply because the tips below worked for me.

I have two types of savings. One is for emergency or short term like what I call enjoy money, the other one is for long term (where investment, retirement and such) falls.

YOLO, you only live once, life is short, why save? IT’S FOR YOUR OWN SAKE MY FRIEND. What if while YOLOing, something happened, you lost something, accident, worst death. Where would you get funds if you don’t have any savings at all? Let friends or family pay for you? Loan?

If money is not an issue to you then I encourage you to share this post to those in need. If you are those who struggle in saving up, this post is for you. This serves as a friendly advice to fellow a young adult struggling in adulting.

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Gabii sa Kabilin: Learning Cebu’s Heritage & Culture

May 31, 2017

I am not a Cebuana. I’ve been living in Cebu for a year already but I never had the chance to visit sites with historical significance aside from churches and parks. First time I heard about Gabii sa Kabilin was last year when I was on the transition of transferring to Cebu for good but wasn’t able to attend it because my mind is preoccupied with lot of things. So this year, when a fellow blogger invited those who are interested, I did not hesitate and signed myself in.

Gabii Sa Kabilin is a yearly celebration held every last Friday of May that aims to revive people’s awareness and interest in Cebuano culture and heritage. It was inspired by the Lange Nacht der Museen or Long Night of Museums in Germany and other European nation.

It was my first time and you know me, guys, I’m don’t talk a lot but I mustered all my courage to tag along with this group.

At the end of one of the exhausting yet fulfilling things I’ve done that day are the things that I learned.


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Watsons #Hairgoals: Get that dream hair!

May 25, 2017

Ever came to a point where having a plain black hair feels so boring? I felt it. As a Filipina, I have my jet black, straight hair ever since. Not that I’m complaining, I love how I can style any style I want, long, short, curly, shaggy. But yes, I came to a point where having a black hair feels so plain.

It was last year when I decided to be braver and ticked off one of the things on my bucketlist—color my hair. I went to a salon but wasn’t satisfied with the results so I did a DIY color my hair. I never felt so liberating in my life. I remember one of my friends in the province said to me this when she saw me for the first time after coloring my hair,  “Does your mom agree with what you did to your hair?” I just replied that I didn’t ask for her permission and laugh it out. I think this is one of a perks of being a member of a traditional Filipino family, you have to ask permission of what you want to do even if you’re already a working young adult. But gladly, my Mom was not shocked; she even liked what my new hair color is. Months later, I decided to chop it off because summer and mom was not happy about. Continue Reading…