Watsons #Hairgoals: Get that dream hair!

May 25, 2017

Ever came to a point where having a plain black hair feels so boring? I felt it. As a Filipina, I have my jet black, straight hair ever since. Not that I’m complaining, I love how I can style any style I want, long, short, curly, shaggy. But yes, I came to a point where having a black hair feels so plain.

It was last year when I decided to be braver and ticked off one of the things on my bucketlist—color my hair. I went to a salon but wasn’t satisfied with the results so I did a DIY color my hair. I never felt so liberating in my life. I remember one of my friends in the province said to me this when she saw me for the first time after coloring my hair,  “Does your mom agree with what you did to your hair?” I just replied that I didn’t ask for her permission and laugh it out. I think this is one of a perks of being a member of a traditional Filipino family, you have to ask permission of what you want to do even if you’re already a working young adult. But gladly, my Mom was not shocked; she even liked what my new hair color is. Months later, I decided to chop it off because summer and mom was not happy about. Continue Reading…



May 20, 2017

KEVLO, it may sound like a play of words with the last name of the famous beauty surgeon/expert in the Metro Luzon who is a doctor for Filipino celebrities but I will tell you, a not so into beauty stuff like me that it’s different, KEVLO is more than that. KEVLO, KEVIN and LOVELY for long is what their father came up with to name their business, a former Overseas Filipino Worker who decided to stay back in Cebu for good. Still not sure of what business to build but with long research, guts, grit and goal, KEVLO SKIN CLINIC was born.

I was lucky to be invited to the Blogger’s Day Out Event that we had a chance to interview and chit-chit the owners of this humble Skin Clinic.

KEVLO SKIN CLINIC as of now has two branches one in Talamban, 2nd level of Orange Building, Gov. Cuenco Ave., Talamban Cebu across USC-TC Gate 1 and in Panagdait, 2nd level of Bonifacio Street, Mabolo Cebu across Citi Park Hotel.

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Anime, Anime Movie

Your Lie In April Live Action | Review and Feels

May 6, 2017

Your Lie in April or Shigatsu Wa Kimi no Uso Live Action film was released last year. It’s a story about a boy named Arima Kosei, a piano prodigy at a young age who always wins on all the piano competitions. Every child musicians knows him. But when his mother died, he had a mental breakdown and suddenly stops playing at the middle of a piano competition. The death of his mother has caused him not to hear music anymore even though his ears are perfectly fine. He psychologically acquired a hearing illness. Years later, she met the girl under the full-bloomed cherry blossoms who changed his life, Miyazono Kaori!

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Ryokoki: The Pristine Sayahan Falls

April 8, 2017

Sayahan Falls is a newly discovered natural tourist attraction in Ormoc. Located at Barangay Gaas, Sitio Maglahug, Ormoc City, for an hour or two depends on your pace you’ll be able to see a sight to behold. This very pristine falls is very worth the trek. Who would have thought that there’s something like this in my hometown.

I spent my rest days last week at my hometown. This was a sudden trip, but still, I invited most of my close friends however only two manage to follow the call, Vi’s gala call and I thank them for keeping up with my impulsiveness.

It was a cloudy Sunday, weather forecast said that it will have some showers. That got me worried because every falls I saw equates to long walks and hard trail. I’m worried that it will be harder for us to go there but I think the heavens really wanted me to go there because the weather cleared up.  Continue Reading…


Ryokoki: Journey to Hanginan, Maasin City, Leyte

March 30, 2017

Maasin City, the capital city of Southern Leyte has been a place of religious pilgrimage in Region VIII. It has (if my memory serves me right) three religious destination that people from different walk of life visits, namely, St. Francis Xavier in Hanginan , Monte Cueva and the Mama Mary Shrine. Hanginan is one of the most popular pilgrimage sites not only in Leyte but also within Eastern Visayas.

                     St. Francis Xavier Chapel. Friends for keeps poses a photo for me. Arigato, guys.

This is my third time to visit and hike the 1,300 feet Hanginan but it will be my first time sharing it here on my blog, this is a backlog post but because Holy Week is coming once again, I finally decided to post this.

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