10,000 Roses Cafe in Cebu

March 11, 2017

Last month, 10,000 Roses Café had it’s soft opening and Cebuanos flocked over to Cordova to visit the said cafe, it became so trending and now one of the tourist attraction.  This cafe is located in Cordova, Cebu almost an hour away to Cebu City (I don’t know if it’s less traffic). It’s just beside the floating restaurant, Lantaw. It was inspired by Dongdaemun Design Plaza’s LED Rose Garden in Seoul Korea. Korea’s version has a lot more of roses but nonetheless, Cebu’s version is so magical already. (How much more in Korean, mga oppa nako!)

So we went there unplanned because well, what to do when bored, right? It was like a friend messaged you, “let’s laag? where? basta!” and poof! So Yassi and I decided to meet at Parkmall.


To be honest we are not familiar on how to get there so I am very thankful to all my Cebu friends who kept their lines open as we travel to Cordova, to you to google map too.

So, I think our version of going there is a bit cheaper. We rode a jeep intended to go to So-ong, stop at Super Metro and rode another jeep to Cordova, rode a tricycle for 15.00 and pay the 20.00 entrance fee and viola! It was a 109.00 php  adventure!


We decided to visit on this time hoping that it will be a less crowded but no, nah uh! But still, I highly recommend to go there around 4:00pm to 8:00pm because of the sunset and the flowers are pretty when it’s night time.

Since it was a just a very random trip and we already ate before we went to 10,000 Roses so, in summary, it was really refreshing and magical for me, I’m easy to please and if I see lights, be it Christmas lights, laser light, chos, Vi approves! Just a friendly reminder though, as a blogger/vlogger I promote responsible tourism so, if new tourist attraction exist (even if the old ones) please let’s all be responsible, okay?


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