5 Reasons Why You Should Try The Rope Course Adventure | Mountain View Nature’s Park

October 26, 2016

“Do it because it’s fun,” They said. “It’s really easy,” They added. After experiencing the Rope Course Adventure, YES, it was fun BUT it wasn’t as easy as what they have said.

I’m the indoor type of person, I love staying at home, drinking tea while reading a good book/manga or eating noodles while watching Korean dramas, anime or whatever series that caught my interest. But I’m always up for any challenge; I go hiking once in a while, just so you know and I also want to climb more mountains and try extreme adventures as well. So, last month Team Leader Rod and our ever pretty Support Miss Cai brought us to Mountain View Nature s Park for some stress-releasing activities and yes taking up the Rope Course Adventure is one of them.

It wasn’t an easy challenge but here are my reasons why you should still try the Rope Course Adventure if ever you decided to visit Cebu. I hope this will motivate you in some sort, coming from a not so sporty lady.

  1. It’s a good physical activity to try.

Gaining fats from sitting almost 8 hours, the challenge was a good way to burn some calories. But yeah, the struggle is real, really, real.

  1. It will make you realize that there’s no turning back and the only way is to move on

This is not hugot. I mean if you are already at the middle of the challenge, you can’t just give up and turn back because there are challengers behind you and it will be a hassle unless you are the only one taking the challenge. Move on, move on din pag may time.

  1. You’ll develop or use your natural survival instincts

Omg, it’s like playing a survival game online the difference is you are playing in real life. Thinking of tactics/strategies to finish the challenge as soon as possible and prevent your body from falling. It was really awesome to try out some theories, like oh, where is the center of gravity and the science of not falling and holding on. Ahem.

  1. It feels good to use your energy by struggling and holding on to your dear life

Exaggerated? yes. I mean even if there are harness and stuff, in my experience I’m still afraid to fall (because no one below will catch me, paano kung paasa ang harness? Charut) and I really tried my best to hold on to something while moving on to something. It’s a good way to use my energy other than doing a series marathon all night and day. Plus, I discovered that I’m not that’s really afraid of heights.

  1. That fulfilling moment when you reached the end of the challenge

We are the Champions song playing on the background. It’s like surpassing a great problem and you just have to stick out your middle finger to the challenges you have passed and say, ha! I survived you! And you felt like you can do anything in this world after reaching the finish line. You felt good because you didn’t give up. You did it, hurray!

Every sweat and sore muscle is worth it.  Taking the Rope Challenge is relatable to our life. Whatever challenge life may throw you, you just need to face every challenges or problem, it’s meant to be solve, give it all, after that move on and if there’s another challenge, do the same thing. What matters most is you didn’t give up! At the end, it made you stronger and braver. Always be up for the challenge.


So, have you guys, tried the Rope Challenge at Busay? Or do you have any idea where I could try something like this? Please don’t hesitate to comment down below. Promise, I will not hugot, like seriously.

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