I’m Vi or Nana or Vian-Vian, kids can’t pronounce my full name so they call me Ate Nana or Mana. I’m on my 20-teen-ish. Born in Pasig but I grew up in Leyte. I am a Haiyan survivor. I grew up in a family in which when I need something; I really have to work hard to earn it. Life is hard but it’s all worth it. I’m into Asian pop culture, more into Japanese and Korean. I have a huge dream of going to Japan and Korea. I was a working student in college. I’m a Financial Management graduate. I always daydream of traveling around the globe and meeting the makers of my favorite books and fictional characters such as Harry Potter, Coraline, Naruto, One Piece, Fullmetal Alchemist and many to mention.

I do love to write. I have a ‘salty tooth’ (well, there’s a sweet tooth so, I guess…)

I’ve been blogging since I was 16 years old. Been to a lot of blogging platforms from multiply, tumblr and blogspot. I am former viannathegreatwhatever in tumblr and blogspot. I never thought that there is more to blogging than just sharing, reblogging, liking and posting until March 2015.

I do respond 99.9%!

So, yeah, I guess that’s it. Learn about me more through my post. Let’s enjoy blogging!

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