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Adulting Gear: Liquid Leap Active by Acer

October 8, 2017

I didn’t intend to post a review on any gadgets or whatever because it’s not my cup of tea, not unless they are geeky gadgets for gaming and stuff that prolly be posted on

Last October 2, 2017, I got to attend TECHnomy Forum that tackles about Technology and Economics brought by Acer Philippines and Microsoft Philippines. They also introduced to us their latest gaming rig, the Predator Triton 700 which you can read on my geek blog.

As a token, we were given a Liquid Leap Active by Acer which is a fitness band with a bit of smartwatch functionality. As an adult currently struggling in adult, I believe that the most important thing to watch is not my savings or my career but health.

The problem here is I don’t like wearing any accessories at all. I’m lowkey because I’m a bit careless. I wore a 20-something karat ring but I lost it while swimming, I can’t sleep wearing earing. The last time I wore a watch was when I was in the third grade, I always forget that I am wearing a wristwatch and ended up soaking wet. This time I might consider being extra careful because I decided to wear this Liquid Leap Active fitness band by Acer.

Why do I call it an Adulting Gear?

Living in a sedentary life as of this moment, eating unhealthy food as no time to prepare it or having no exercise at all, I want to have something to motivate me and help me track my daily activities. Thank heavens, I got Acer’s Liquid Leap Active. I can now track the steps, activities, calories, and sleep. I could even control my playlist without taking it out of my bag inside the jeepney to skip or stop tracks. Safe from snatchers. It also alerts me of my incoming calls, messages, and events, talking about being organized.

Inside the Box


It comes with the very basic inclusions. I was even surprised it has a charger. I thought it’s battery operated, like those normal watches.

Physical Attributes and Performance

It has a simple design which works for me as a minimalist. I like how not bulky and flashy-looking it is.

As what I have mentioned earlier, it accurately tracks your steps (Ha! No need for that app), the calories burned and the hours of sleep. You can also set goals for your #BalikAlindogProgram. Also, you need to download the app as well, Leap Manager. I can’t say yet with the battery life (I’ll update soon) as I haven’t charged it yet after unboxing it.


Acer is known for its quality laptops and desktop. I can personally say as an Acer user that their products are long-lasting, but with the Liquid Leap, as a wearable, it will really help you in your adulting adventure. You are getting by adulting if you are thinking about your health so  laban lang sa life, ka-adulting!


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