Adulting Realization: Pillow Talk

August 11, 2017
The first pillow I bought for myself gave me a random realization. I don’t know if I’m just being sentimental or what. This is just supposed to be one of those moments you want to post a status on facebook but you wrote a lengthy one already and just decided to make it a blog post.

Tell you what, one of the most precious material gifts I receive from my father is a pillow. I remembered when I was like 9 or 10, when he brought it home, sealed and such. It was a type of pillow where it was flat as a credit card but right after opening, it became so fluffy and soft. Imagine my surprise as a kid back then. Oh, I just remembered, I think Dad bought it because he gave a really big, round Tweety bird pillow to my sister as a birthday gift and I keep using it which causes a petty fight between us siblings, so Dad bought me and my brother a pillow, each of us has pillows now. Good old days, our family was small back then, I love how big and rowdy we are now.

Random photo I took when I decided to go home for a while

Going back to the pillow, I’m still using it up to this day whenever I go home. It’s my ‘Tanday/Hugging’ pillow. It’s a really old pillow now, it’s not as soft as before and it smells very me. How I miss it.

I have a gift certificate to a certain mall, it’s just for 200.00 pesos so I was really wondering what to use it for. A shirt? Art stuff? A book? What can you buy for 200 pesos now?

As I roamed my eyes around my rented room, I noticed but I lacked pillows, sleep is incomplete because I don’t have a ‘Tanday’ for almost like 8 months already (I didn’t realize at some point specially during super pagod days).

So yeah, I decided to buy a pillow. Ha! Imagine me buying a pillow, very not me, like, I could have bought food but pillow? Why didn’t I took some pillows at home and brought it here? Why a pillow, Vi? Is pillow that important? Charuut.

I realize buying a pillow is another one of those independent adventures I have. It made me realize how expensive it is ? Choos, mahal naman talaga te, kunting tumbling, 200 na siya. Again, the feeling of liberation is there. Oh, ha, I’m not with my mom in buying this.

So this is what ‘adulting’ is. Not waiting for someone or your parents or guardian to buy the smallest things that we need. Taking the initiative, it’s OA but I feel mature about it.

Pillow = Maturity? No.

What’s my point is, the circle of life. Before, our/my parents use to give us this and that, after that, we buy for ourself with our own money and for sure, we are the who will be buying for our future kids (If I’ll have kids. Ha!)

Change is inevitable, at some point in our lives will have to stand on our feet and decide for ourselves. Litsing unan, feeling ocean deep.

I still miss my old pillow, I will still use it when I visits home but I guess I’ll have to start embracing the (new pillow) changes, my independent life now.

PS: Someone build a bridge from Cebu to Leyte, please.

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