August Reflection: 8 Realizations on the 8 month

August 31, 2015


As the eight month dies, I decided to write a sort of cohesive post of my realization/reflection of the things that made me understand more about life (each and every day). Chos.

Life will always be unfair but God is still good. I always remind myself that happiness is a choice, and Choose to be happy is my daily mantra (Thank you, desiderata).

Now that I looked back, August’s been quite chaotic, explosion of happenings—this month gave me a lot of challenges from finances, work and whatnot. Blogging helps me cope up with the stress. Sometime I feel so unmotivated with the things happening around, I feels so blah.. but guess what? Finding inspiration is not that hard. No matter how negativity floods around you, remember to look around (just pass the negativity) and see the light. Look for your own flashlight…

Here I go.

  1. Respect will always be earned– Impose respect will be a lot different from an earned respect. A person who wants respect should never terrorize his/her people for the sake of it. Okay, you have the position, the power and fame but you will not go anywhere if you can’t earn a single respect. Show and do your best to deserve the respect you want.

In the Kuroko no Basuke specials 22.5 Tip off episode, Kuroko earned Kise’s respect by showing his awesome misdirection skills on the game, he showed him that he can be reliable and can be of help, he even ask for Kise’s help and assistance. When he was assigned to be Kise’s tutor/trainor, Kuroko was humble enough not to intimidate Kise (it was the other way around), I like how Kuroko treated Kise as a sort of senior to Kise (in the sense that Kuroko was the first one to join the basketball club than Kise).


  1. Be Careful who to TRUST because no matter what, BETRAYAL is part of our life

– I don’t know why but TRUST and BETRAYAL will always be together. Haha. I’m always the loner type before, I have friends but they were the ones whom I know ever since the world begun. I WAS a lone wolf but never the lonely one. That was before, as I started working, I slowly opened up with some people whom I think I can really trust and restore my faith of intermingling with co-humans (buzzer-buzzer) I was wrong (partly). The secret word is, CAREFUL. Kiss-assers, spy-galore, vampire-wanna-be are everywhere, though, I can still testify that despite these people, there are still countless soul out there who can be trusted.

I may not be an expert human behavior analyzer but I can smell the stink of betrayers.

Have you been betrayed? Smile. It’s part of life. In a lifetime, you will be betrayed more or less 10 times. (I think I have the right to exaggerate.) I still have no advice on what to do when you are betrayed because I, myself, was even shocked and smiled (lopsidedly). I think, the best way to do after knowing that you have been betrayed is to accept the fact that the damaged has been done, you have been deceive. Smile and next time, be more careful. I guess, enjoy the experience of being betrayed, forgive but do not forget, most of all, learn from it.  Let God do the rest.

  1. Talk about DEDICATION

– I believe, a person have no right to question one’s dedication (in work, life, hobby or what he/she is doing) not unless you are the one who is asking that to yourself.


  1. Do what you really love

– Doing what you really love will lead you to happiness. It’s a cycle, quite complicated but it is self explanatory.  If you think that what you are doing right now doesn’t make you happy at all, then follow what you really love.

BUT there’s a proper time to quit at what you are currently doing and follow what you really love (I’m redundant but whatever), wait for the ‘tamang panahon’. Waiting will always be part of the process.


  1. Cherish every single moment

    – I know this statement is everywhere but this anime had told me again that life is short and YOLO. Read the Episode 7 review of Charlotte here: The feeling of losing someone dear to you. 

Every simple meal, every smile, frown and laugh, cherish them all. Remember: Our time is borrowed.


  1. Life is meant to be enjoyed but there will be times you have to endure the not-so-good things that are happening

– I listened to a past The Feast episode, the topic was How To Enjoy Life even with Problems. The words that struck me are, “life is not meant to be endured but to enjoy. God want us to be happy.” So why is my number 6 is kinda different. Yes, God wants us all to be happy but in times when things go wrong, I say, we have to endure first and do something to find a way out.


  1. People change, things go wrong but LIFE GOES ON

– I came across with my seventh insight as I was scrolling down my newsfeed, it really reflect what I realize this month. Don’t want to elaborate because it is self-explanatory


  1. Hypocrisy is so Tiresome

-Just. Tired. Men!



So, that’ts. I’m so tired (literally) and my eyes are about to close, I’ll edit this tomorrow. So, sorry for the grammatical and clerical errors.

How about you? How’s your August? Share it on the comments section!



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    Hi Vianna I enjoyed reading this, I hope you are doing great, I love this kind of posts, also, the new design is so pretty.

    Lots of love from Colombia!

    • Reply Vianna September 14, 2015 at 8:34 pm

      Hi, Laura! Glad you visited here on my blog! I’m doing fine now. Happy to know you like the design! 🙂

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