Café Amidala: Sudden Trip with the Dorks

August 1, 2016

After our work shift last Friday, we had a scrumptious lunch at Yatskie near Capitol, special thanks to our TL for treating us. It’s my first time eating on Yakski and their barbecue was really good. So much for that, I wrote this post for a certain reason and that is to feature the very first Star Wars themed café in the Philippines and yes, it is in Cebu—Amidala Café!

Been itching to visit but I don’t know where and how to get there. After our lunch Hydie suggested to go to Amidala, we thought it wasn’t a serious invite but then we already found ourselves walking in circles and asking strangers how to get there and viola!

Enter we must to Amidala.

I was a bit surprise to see the place small but hey, the small space was maximize properly. The force of coffee and sugar is strong inside. I was humming  the Imperial March (Darth Vader’s Theme) as we enter to Amidala. We were welcomed by Stormtrooper and Darth Vader helmets and wall decals

The free space we could drink was at Master Yoda’s meditation space. Remember we were fresh from a 2:00 am shift, it was so cozy there I could sleep.

We ordered Wookies Milkshake and Force Choke Milkshake, it was expensive but every penny is worth it. Time to have a photoshoot of this babies.

Growing up seeing the Star Wars movies (thanks to Dad) makes me so happy to see this kind of themed café, I bet my Dad would love to visit this too. I have to bring him here then if he visits. I wish then that the place will be bigger  when the time comes.

Yes, cheers to more Café adventures.

So, have you guys been to Amidala Café? Share your thoughts below.

Amidala Cafe
Address: Ma. Christina Extension Juana Osmena Street Cebu City
Contact Information: 0922 498 9792
Free WiFi: Yes
Monday to Friday – 11AM until 2AM
Saturday & Sunday – 2PMuntil 12AM
 May the force be with you…


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