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Sepanx on March 2k18

April 5, 2018

It was not too long ago when I found out what SEPANX means. I feel too old not knowing it. I’ve been hearing that word a lot of times but I didn’t bother to ask or search what’s the meaning behind it. Not until I strongly felt it and finally had the courage to ask the meaning of it last March.

March of 2018 has given me a lot of memories and feelings I can’t actually put into words (but I still tried). I kind of feel sad that it ended so fast and yeah, it’s already April. I thought I could not love March anymore, my memories of March are not that worth remembering especially my March on 2016. But I realize, without the March of 2016, I could not appreciate the March of 2018. Continue Reading…


Reunion at the Graveyard

November 21, 2017

Reading the title feels like a title of a book or a chapter of a fiction story, I guess this is just my hangover to all the series I binge-watched during my 9-days’ vacation leave I took during Halloween season.  I’m in for a travel but you see, my friends say they are broke, one say’s she’ll not travel, unless it’s free //shakes head in disagreement//

Anyway, I know this is random but I decided to write this down since my mind is full of random story plots; I need to release some creative juices. I don’t have time (yet) to go back to writing full time, I wish I could. So, I decided to write few happenings during my mini-vacation.

I had a terrible cough during those time, hindering me to eat things sweet and even go outside since the weather is not cooperating, it rains during afternoons and dawn tends to be so cold. It was a perfect weather to watch all those pending series, from animes, movies, Asian and Western series, I also played a lot with my dog and my little sister, hang-out with co-adulting friends but one highlight on my mini-vacation is my senior high school class reunion at the graveyard.

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November 17, 2017

Fourth quarter, almost end of the year already, I can’t believe that 2017 is almost at the finish line. I’m amazed by how I managed to survive (ongoing) this year away from parents and it’s my personal new year again! Ha! Hence this lengthy, wordy, cheesy post.

Adulting age, quarter life. When I was twenty, I said a lot to myself that I will be like/have this and that at this age. Some I managed to achieve but some was a fucking stroke of reality, no matter how much I tried, so close but it wasn’t easy. Life ain’t easy, bitch. It slapped me hard, knocked me out cold. There was even a time I feel anxious about everything and depress about the situation I was before. I wouldn’t be writing this if I stop in that phase, right?

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Living Away From Home So Far

September 19, 2017

It’s been more than a year since I started living away from home, away from family, away from love ones and most especially away from my comfort zone.

Technically, I live with my brother but I feel like I am living alone due to our work schedules. I hardly see him on our rented place. We buy our own food, supplies and stuff. We don’t rely on each other that much but I do care about him. We send messages on facebook messenger from time to time. We do go out and eat sometimes.

Sometimes, I still think if living away was a good decision. I still feel anxious all the time. Most of us when were kids dreamed about having our own place when we turn adults. As for me, I just want to live in our house forever. A certain internet meme, sums up my feels, it’s about an adult asking to live back to their house, begging to be a dishwasher for life and escape the reality of working, paying bills and such, it was really hilarious, it hit me to the core.

Living away was never in my plan, it sometimes crosses my mind but I would immediately hide it away because living with family is really comfortable even if we don’t have all resources. I have my family who would do chores for me, cheer me up when I’m down, including my pets. Everything changes when you live away from home. They say, one sign of being independent is living away from home. I always thought I’m independent enough even if I live with family. I pay my college tuition before, isn’t that independent enough? Continue Reading…

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50+ Shades of Unemployed

May 30, 2016

I resigned from my first ever work after graduating last March. Things happened and I will share it in another entry. This is actually a random post but the urge is really strong to share the mundane things I did when I was an unemployed bum. Sounds nonsensical, right?

This is what happened when I told my little sister to comb my hair. I said, “comb”. Jolina Magdangal days are back! Decora style!

Feeling sentimental after seeing these detached staple wires I managed to keep from my “former” work. I am thinking if I could sell this stuff on a junk shop.

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Dear WanWan

April 3, 2016

Dear Wan,

Yesterday, you are back to God’s loving arms. At the end, you still choose to hide the pain to us and you secluded yourself. You were one of the greatest dog I ever owned. I cried after knowing you are already gone.

I cried as I recall my memories with you. As Dad hugged me and said to cry my heart out, the pain of not seeing you again and hearing your lively barks seemed unbearable.

You have been a good pet and I was just a dog lover, not near enough to be a dog parent. I know, we have our shortcomings but always remember that we love you so much—you as a puppy and as a grown up dog.

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