Cosplay in Action now on its Year 2!

March 25, 2017

Cosplay in Action or CosAct for short started last year as a charity event intended to help the Aeta kids of Naga Cebu held at Robinsons Galleria Cebu. This year, Parkmall has partnered with Cebu Cosplayers Guild once again for a three-day fun filled event. Held last March 17, 18 and 19, at the said pet-friendly shopping mall, it’s highlight are the cosplay parade, cosplay completion, karaoke completion, card games and merchandise booths, (whispers) my favorite is the Aqours dance cover performance.

I attended on the last day (Day 3) because I have work on all the dates, I decided to sacrifice sleep on the very last day and mustered all my will to attend and even dragged a not-so-otaku friend. I really had fun since the last otaku related eventI attended was UP Otakufest – The Matrix last February, I hope my not-so-otaku friend enjoyed too.

I wasn’t able to take photos aside from the selfie with Betelgeuse Romanee-Conti of Re:Zero above as I was so focus on vlogging, so sorry for the less visuals. Anyway, I was only there for more or less 2 hours so what I managed to witness are the card games, cosplay parade, the cosplay completion.

I was seated just behind the judges so I believed I have a good spot, they charge 10.00 pesos per seat so not bad, right? I am not familiar with the otaku community here in Cebu as I am new to this city. All I can say is their community is very much alive. Oh, before I forgot I was really amaze with the Aquors Step! Zero to One dance cover, I found out that the group cosplaying them is Kyuu Umi no Hime 九うみ の ひめ and they all look so pretty and cute. Their dance cover made my day, I hope I could see them perform more on the next otaku events. I hope they could also perform other Aqours song and try to crossover some songs from µ’s. Ah, I really want to see a live performance of Sunny Day Song.

We decided to leave during the Jack ken Pon challenge. I wanted to join but food is calling me and bed as well.

Nonetheless, my afternoon on that day was fulfilling. My video blog will be up soon on my youtube channel.

Featured Photo credits to Parkmall

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