Dear WanWan

April 3, 2016

Dear Wan,

Yesterday, you are back to God’s loving arms. At the end, you still choose to hide the pain to us and you secluded yourself. You were one of the greatest dog I ever owned. I cried after knowing you are already gone.

I cried as I recall my memories with you. As Dad hugged me and said to cry my heart out, the pain of not seeing you again and hearing your lively barks seemed unbearable.

You have been a good pet and I was just a dog lover, not near enough to be a dog parent. I know, we have our shortcomings but always remember that we love you so much—you as a puppy and as a grown up dog.

I named you, yes, I overpowered my parents when I decided to name you, Wanwan. I name you after the release of the anime Ookami Shoujo to Kuro Ouji, from the lyrics of the opening song of the said anime. “Wan” means “Woof” in Japanese.

I will terribly miss you. When I was still an 8 to 5 worker, you were the one who would welcome me home first. You always love the belly scratch. And you were my favorite stress reliever.

You were such a brilliant dog. I only taught you one trick and that was how to sit, you were so good at that, especially when I have a lot of treats for you. You have a perfect bathroom manner. You never gave Mom a headache when you poop or piss.

I also remembered when Mom had to be injected with anti-rabies shot not because you bit her but Mom accidentally scratched her hand as she was cleaning your teeth. You never bit a single person. You were just so loud whenever there’s an unfamiliar human being nearby.

You like taking a bath when you were still young but you hate it when as time goes by, we had a hard time bathing you.

There are so many memories to write but my heart right now is clouded of thoughts of not seeing you again.

On your last few months, even if I am too tired, I’ll wake up (or Mom) even if it’s 12 midnight or 3:00 am just to walk you out for your pooping/pissing time because you would never do it on your bed/dog house, you wouldn’t stop barking, it’s a bit eerie as the neighborhood is so quite.

I will miss you, I don’t care what breed you are. We love you with all of our heart and all that we could.

I’m glad I took a lot photos and videos of you.

No more pain, Wan. Rest well. You will be truly missed. We love you so much.

Lots of love from your family here on earth!



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