May 20, 2017

KEVLO, it may sound like a play of words with the last name of the famous beauty surgeon/expert in the Metro Luzon who is a doctor for Filipino celebrities but I will tell you, a not so into beauty stuff like me that it’s different, KEVLO is more than that. KEVLO, KEVIN and LOVELY for long is what their father came up with to name their business, a former Overseas Filipino Worker who decided to stay back in Cebu for good. Still not sure of what business to build but with long research, guts, grit and goal, KEVLO SKIN CLINIC was born.

I was lucky to be invited to the Blogger’s Day Out Event that we had a chance to interview and chit-chit the owners of this humble Skin Clinic.

KEVLO SKIN CLINIC as of now has two branches one in Talamban, 2nd level of Orange Building, Gov. Cuenco Ave., Talamban Cebu across USC-TC Gate 1 and in Panagdait, 2nd level of Bonifacio Street, Mabolo Cebu across Citi Park Hotel.

The branch we visited was the later, it’s my first time in Panagdait but thank you, Google Map. I was the first blogger to arrive. I felt my potato-ness as I was about to enter, there’s a lot of pretty people going in and out the clinic, there was also an ongoing photo shoot. I kind of hesitated to enter that’s why I made an excuse to buy something below. I’m happy there is a supermarket downstairs. Minutes later, I’m still the one, feeling anxious and worried if I got the wrong information. I’m really disciplined when it comes to time so expect me to come to any events 15 minutes early, I learned my lesson. Gladly, I was welcomed warmly by the other half of the name of the skin clinic, Lovely, lovely indeed.

I love the feeling of entering to the Skin Clinic, the homey feeling and the instraggamble wall added to the excitement. Plus, their staff are all smiling, smile never fail to brighten people up, so keep up the beautiful smiles Kevlo people.

The event started out with a short introduction of the brain child of the clinic, Mark Geniston. Ripples create waves, from small scale beauty soap seller to owner of a prestigious skin clinic in Cebu, Mr. Geniston is an inspiration to aspiring entrepreneurs. He told us their humble beginning and that having a skin clinic was not in his plan before, he was thinking of a having a bar first. This lead to that and now, KEVLO SKIN CLINIC is carving it’s name in Cebu as one of the top skin clinic in the Region.

Kevlo skin clinic offers a wide range of services from whitening, slimming, skin care, treatments and a whole lot more. The most recommended was their signature facial wash which we got to try after the interview. Their internal whitening procedures were one of the things Mr. Geniston highlighted to us. It has a lot of benefits, one is not only for whitening but for detoxifying as well. In addition, they also have affordable facial products from cleansing, toner, moisturizing, eye cream and a lot more. They sell it at a 950.00 as a set, good for a month.

Facial time! Kevlo Skin Clinic signature facial was one of the best facial treatments I have tried. It never fails to feel good when someone is washing your own face. What is the difference with their signature facial to other beauty clinics? I dare you to try it and find out what. I can assure you it was all worth it. You are not only refresh and relieve or just plain glowing and blooming, you are beyond cleansed.

Their clinic hours are 11:00 am to 8:00 pm. To know more of their services visits KEVLO SKIN CLINIC FACEBOOK PAGE.

I would like to extend my thanks to KEVLO SKIN CLINIC for having me on their Blogger’s Day Out Event. Disclaimer:  This is my very honest review. Not a sponsored post.

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