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Life, Lately: New experiences, Restart, Reunions and Catching Up!

August 17, 2015

Yosha! I miss writing something like this, if my memory served me right, I’ve been on hiatus from posting (but not on commenting and blog hopping) for almost a month. I don’t know if there’s anyone out there who’s interested in reading about how my life turned out lately but I will still share it here. Hoho. So, for my first ever Life, Lately post on my newly establish blog, Le life is mostly experiencing new things, restarting, mini-reunion and catching up!

Okay, let me start with the mini-reunion and catching up part.


  • Alpha Gwapa Us is Reunited (after a year)! Chynna is back from Abu Dhabi for a short vacation and we had a chance to meet again with my former office mates. We had a simple dinner at the ever delicious ‘barbecuehan’, swear! Barbecue in Ormoc is the best! Thanks Chynna! We are not only full with the food; we are also full with stories and the feels of reuniting with awesome people. This meeting made me realize how lucky I am to meet  these lovely ladies! A few people whom I can trust. I miss our round table lunch chikahan and the original AGU beauties!

    How smokey the place is…

    We also had ice cream courtesy of Ate Madel!

  • After a week, we had a little send-off for Chynna because she’s coming back to Abu Dhabi. That frozen margarita is love :)) Hahaha (#BecauseHighAlcoholTolerance) Hi, Chynna! How’s the sand out there?
  • Oh, almost forgot that we (friends on the other side. lol) met this guy again after so long, It was like after Typhoon Haiyan pa? LOL. Thanks for the cold drinks. Looking forward for the next time! Libre! Libre! Too bad you have a blogger friend (LOL. Friend is too much, I guess) okay, blogger acquaintance? Anyway, thanks for all your travel stories. It motivates me to save up and travel the best places in the… Philippines (for starters) Haha.


    A troll and pabebe’s be like…



  • I went to Southern Leyte last month to attend a Family Day organized by the company I’m working in. I was an impromptu host at that event, haven’t done hosting ever since college. Ah, kinda miss it.
  • A week later, I attended another Family Day intended for us. High school feels because I manage to summon all my confidence and dance my heart out for the dance competition.HS Again 2

    Bucket list: Dance K-POP – Check! Been an avid listener to Kpop, though not a hardcore fan, but yeah, it’s one of my secret wish to dance a Kpop for once in my life. We dance some parts of Falling in Love of 2ne1 and Shake It by Sistar. Waaaa! Surprise, we also won that contest.Next on my Bucket list: Dance or sing an Anison. (Kahit Hare Hare Yukai or one Love Live song preferably Start Dash lang) haha. It was also my first time to organize or initiate a dance production. Ha! A non-dancerin nature is initiating a dance prod for a competition! I mean, it’s less than 2 weeks before the Family Day and the head office can’t come up with a dance prod? Though, they already planned way before but nobody is moving and aiming for the prized moneeh! (inner self can’t accept that) I coordinated with my officemates who are much blessed with dancing powers and viola! I was the one who did the mixing of the music. #overachiever #kapal Well, Youtube is such a life saver! (whispers: I intentionally want to dance KPop so, there’s Kpop on our music. Hahaha) Efforts were paid off because we won! My time on thinking for a prod and mixing the music (which was a trial and error process) was not wasted. I’m not actually taking all the credits but I guess a bit of appreciation is… well, whatever, we won!

  • While going home, out of the blue, one of my boss brought us to Don Juan Falls in Baranggay Osmena in Bato, Leyte. Waterfalls never fails to amaze me, it’s so majestic and mysterious which give me a feeling of awesomeness and a bit of chills. Though, I’m not a fan of swimming with these type of water form (But I love the beach, ha!) it feels like it’s different from resorts and whatnot.20150802_164530
  • I also had the chance to visit a baranggay (Aheem, on my free time) in Western Leyte for a baseline survey and interview children with disabilities. I was close to tears on my first time because I was touched not only by the determination of these children to study but also the parents/guardian, teachers, the school and the whole community. I can’t explain what I felt but it’s definitely worth my time and life changing.

    The road we've taken...

    The road we’ve taken…

  •  My dog (Wanwan) gave birth to a 4 cute puppies! (first time, yes!) She was our first ever female dog :)) Stress reliever after a whole day of work.


The past weeks were kind of hard for me, life was hectic and full of happening but yeah, I was also on the process of rebooting my blog. I was (and still, up to now) on the adjusting phase on wordpress and everything out here. Thinking about my previous blogging platform which I think now as easy as eating peanuts, WP is whole new world to me. So far, I am enjoying it. It’s really a dazzling I never knew. Again, thank you to all the people whom I bugged and sent PM’s as I was on the process on restarting a blog. I couldn’t have done something like this without them.

Screenshot 2015-08-17 11.54.45

That’s about it. Whoaa, it’s quite lengthy but I had fun writing this.


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  • Reply Chynna Marie August 17, 2015 at 2:27 pm

    Hello My Dearest Vianna!
    The sand is still sand..haha

    Thanks for the Blog thanks a lot..

    I Miss You too, I Miss Alpha Gwapa Us..

    Congratulations on your victory


    • Reply Vianna August 19, 2015 at 9:32 am

      Hello, Chynna-bells! Thank you sa congrats. Defending champion ang peg, Chyn! Anyway, ingat ka diha always!

  • Reply Michelle August 21, 2015 at 11:00 am

    You look like you had a good old time with so much happening. Especially the mini reunion you had. Stay well! ^^

    • Reply Vianna August 21, 2015 at 11:17 am

      Yep! Thanks Miss Michelle! By the way, I’m a new follower of your blog! I think we have a lot in common! :))

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