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October 23, 2017

In this fast-paced world wherein there’s full of difficulties, sometimes you can’t help but ask if living a brighter life possible. As a millennial, struggling in adulting, I would always ask myself what the future would be when raising myself today is a great struggle especially when it comes to finances.

Last Wednesday, October 18, 2017, Sun Life Financial Philippines organized the Live Brighter Forum at Cebu Parklane Hotel. It was a worthwhile evening as I got to know Sun Life’s history, which it started around 1865 and has survived two world wars. They have been the top insurance company for 6 years. It is really one of the oldest and largest life insurance company in the world. The company has been in the Philippines for strong 120 years. They also shared their values, mission to help their clients achieve financial security and their financial advocacy to help people.

Mismanagement of Money

The first part got me hooked because it talks about how our are depositing it to the bank, keeping it in the alkansiya or whatnot. Our thoughts about saving money are very traditional. As a financial graduate, where Financial Literacy was thought to us every freaking day by our professors which I wished was also introduced to us during elementary, I know where this forum will end up to but it never fails to amaze me Financial Literacy is important to each of each. If you don’t have any idea about Financial Literacy, I suggest attending Sun Life’s Live Brighter forum, it will enlighten you.

Mission #LiveBrighter

As the first part of the talk that focuses on the misconception about savings and inflation, is it really possible to live a brighter life? The cost of living, education, and retirement will skyrocket in the next few years? Any backup plans?

This is where the heroes come in! The Financial Advisors!

Churchill Bejemino, a Sun Life Advisor with a life transformed by being a Sun Life PH advocate, share his passion during the forum on how being a Financial Advisor, not just a monetary satisfying job but fulfilling as well. His passion for helping people the value of money, investment and financial planning inspired me more on my financial adventures. I have already planned something as I have goals of being a millionaire soon.

During the forum, they also discuss how to become a part of their family as Sun Life Advisor

5 Steps to #LiveBrighter as Sun Life Advisor

  1. Join a #LiveBrighter Forum
  2. Attend the interviews/take the POP(Personality Orientation Profile) Screen Test
  3. Take the Licensing Exam at the Insurance Commission
  4. Finish the Sun Life Training Course
  5. Complete the contracting and coding process

I’m sure at one point in time, a financial advisor has approached you during events or through connections, you might grab the opportunity to listen and take it to heart on their advises if you want a secure future. I can attest it’s not a scam. Here’s a statement from a successful Sun Lifer we all know, the lady who reads tearjerker letters.

“I have trusted Sun Life for over 20 years. I’m glad they’re still with me as I enter this new phase in my life.” – Charo Santos – Concio, Policy Holder since 1992.

To answer the question, if living a brighter life possible? There’s no perfect life in my opinion, every now and then we will experience trials. A brighter life could be subjective too, if you think the life your living now is not bright, it’s your life, you decide your life. Decide to be stuck forever in the dark or look for options to live a brighter life.

That’s it, cheers to a brighter life, sunnies!

Cebu bloggers after the forum

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PS: Thank you, ABCDigital for inviting me. It was one hell of another eye-opening forum!

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