My 80’s Kinda Friday

August 22, 2015



First and foremost, I’m really sorry for the awkward poses.

It’s holiday yesterday and we received a memo to wear something connected with the occasion (Ninoy Aquino’s Death) but it wasn’t really required, so, it’s civilian day, wear all you want, except for revealing clothes. I am not an expert on fashion stuff, I remember in the fourth grade, I was told by a classmate (let’s call her Rosemarie) that I am “baduy”. I don’t know what is the standard of being a fashion girl at that time, so, yeah, I didn’t mind it at all (Haha. Didn’t mind, huh? Sure?)

I’m the t-shirt, jeans and sneakers girl because aside from its comfortable, I guess, it’s the safest fashion statement ever!

C360_2015-08-21-10-31-53-175 C360_2015-08-21-10-32-13-206


Well, I don’t know what kind of chenelyn spirit that I decided to came up with the idea of wearing something like the picture above. LOL. I also believe that fashion style/clothes/design is in circles (pauli-ulit, pabalik-balik) but with innovations. Whenever I browse into my mother’s old clothes or my late grandma, I’m like, “OMG, that is so ‘IN’ today?”

The clothes I wore here reminds me of the 80’s (or 70’s, 90’s?).  Right? It was my first time to wear that checkered top. Plus, Ninoy died on the 80’s.

I may be an Asian pop culture enthusiast but I’m also fascinated with vintage and old things. Sometimes, I think, I was born in the wrong era or I was a random katipunera or a Victorian princess or another one of the random People Power Revolutionist!

Anyway, I’m blabbering too much for just a random OOTD post. Haha



So much for my awkward face… Honestly, I’m more comfortable behind the camera. In addition, I decided to include the last photo because I have less options (less photos of meeeh). I was actually the camera girl yesterday (gonna post the pictures on my Facebook) I wish I have an OOTD buddy but well, I love being the photographer.


Photos taken by: Renefel  (sorry, I know you don’t take pictures like this so I did my best to edit this)
Post Processing by: Me
Camera: Salouel Vincent


  • Reply Cat August 24, 2015 at 2:13 pm

    I’m totally a T-shirt and jeans type of person, haha. It’s just so comfortable!

    I like the outfit though! The top and skirt are cute, and I like how your jacket and shoes match. I think it’s interesting how fashion cycles around again and how old things become popular again.

    • Reply Vianna August 24, 2015 at 3:20 pm

      Agree on the T-shirt and jeans, Ms. Cat! I know right, it’s really awesome to know that old things, (be it clothes or whatever) is gaining popularity all over again, it is just so cool 🙂 Like the chokers, I remember, I have those back in the early and mid 90’s and now my friends is crazy over chokers again 🙂

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