OPPO F1s: Pinoy #Foodstagram

March 14, 2017

Kim Bok Joo of Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok Joo made me realize even more that food is life!

After I got my Oppo F1S, here’s what happened to my Instagram newsfeed.

I instantly became a food blogger when my niche is about Asian Pop Culture and advneture. But even if I am an enthusiast of Asian Pop culture and tried different Asian food, I could proudly say that FILIPINO FOOD are the best food in the world.

I can’t count on my fingers on both hands all of my favorite Pinoy food, If I list them down here, it will be a very long post, so I’ll just list my ver fave,  so without further ado, here’s my top Pinoy favorite food.

  1.  Lechon Baboy (Roasted Pig)Everything on the table are my favorite but the star will be the topmost. I can imagine myself right now, biting the meat on the ribs part.

    I took this posted during a Fiesta way back May 2015. Month of May is Fiesta Month. I wish I could go home to do ‘asay’ moves.

  2.  Inasal na Manok (Roasted Chicken)Pambansang Manok, not promoting but Mang Inasal is really delicious especially if you ordered with unlimited rice. Rice is life!

                               I don’t own this photo. Credits goes to the owner.

  3. Halo-Halo (Shaved Ice with lots of surprise)

    Halo-halo will always be the best Pinoy dessert. During summer/dry season halo-halo is the best way to quench not only thirst but your cravings for sweet drinks. I love this since I was a kid. Even the 5.oo pesos worth halo-halo before.

        Halo-halo kayo diyan! I took this photo on a famous fast food chain it was taken by an Oppo F1s. Having problems uploading on blog so, I uploaded this on my google photos account.

  4. Special Maja Blanca
    What I love about the Maja Blanca is the texture. I like it if it’s not that sweet.  I also know how to make one, swear, it’s really easy and the ingredients are easy to find.

                  Maja Blanca on a birthday! I took this photo too with an Oppo F1s

So, why Oppo F1s? As you can see on some of the photos above which was taken by an Oppo F1s already, aren’t they look good? I swear it’s the best camera phone out there for food photography. The answer as to why are:

  • The 16mp good for doing selfie with the food and the 13mp rear camera which is still a bomb. Both camera are the best for vlogging as well. See my sample below!
  • 32GB ROM and 3GB RAM with octa-core 64bit processor for smooth multitasking and switching to apps. Swear, I experience it myself,  NO LAG!
  • Customizable fingerprint-activated app launch, this security features which you can add your fingerprints as locking feature to some apps is awesome. I love how convenient my sister is using it.
  • The very sleek design and not so heavy feels.


Therefore, Oppo F1s is not only a selfie expert, it can be for food photography, landscape, video blogging. A tool is just a tool if you will not use it well.

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