When in Agta, Biliran, Leyte

February 11, 2017

I went to home last week in Leyte for a very important matter. A day before I go back to work in Cebu, my family went to Biliran to have a short staycation, as in really short. There are a lot of places to visit in Biliran, however, we are short of time so we decided to go to Agta Beach and VRC Resort in Biliran, Leyte.


Agta Beach is located at Almeria, Biliran Province, Philippines. It is approximately a 2-hour drive from Tacloban, which in turn is a one-hour flight from Manila, the country’s capital.

It is named after the cigar-smoking and tree-dwelling giant that according to to hearsays, roamed around the area. Sounds scary, right?

What’s in Agta?

The fine white sand bay. The cystal clear water. The visible islands around it and to top it all, it’s really quite there. Plus, the slow-roasted chicken! Yum! Continue Reading…


Winter Anime Recommendations 2017

February 3, 2017

I can’t believe it’s already twenty seventeen. New Year, new season, new anime series to look up to and I am back for my personal picks this winter season! It’s been awhile since I posted a recommendation post. Anyhow, just a disclaimer, not a critic, my aim is to give out my honest review with the chosen anime I followed. There are actually a lot of good titles this season. However, I need to prioritize and this list is what I came up with.

1.  Ao no Exorcist: Kyoto Fujouou Hen

Genre:  Action, Demons, Supernatural, Fantasy, Shounen

My ReviewThoughts: The second season as well of one of my favorite shounen anime out there, the plot is just awesome because our main hero is half demon half human, not only an ordinary demon but a son of Satan.

The first season was released six years ago (I feel so old again) so this is also the perfect time to get to know this series. You can watch from season 1, episode one to 15 and watch the season 2  right away, swear! The manga is still ongoing up to this date.

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I applied for “YOUR NAME” Anime Pilgrimage Tour

January 25, 2017

The Anime Tourism Association  came up with “Cool Japan Collaborative Demonstration Project”  in cooperation with the Japanese government as part of its Cool Japan Initiative, which aims to promote products like fashion, food, manga and anime through the worldwide appeal of “cool” Japanese culture.

It’s an all-expense paid trip that will take foreigners to sites in Tokyo and Gifu Prefecture which the hit animated film, Kimi no Nawa featured!

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Seoul Jeong Restaurant: Little Seoul in Ormoc

November 7, 2016

I’ve been to a lot of Korean restaurants in Cebu. It feels like every corner there’s a Korean food waiting for me to devour, but when I heard that there’s a new foodie spot in my hometown, plus my friends really recommend it and it’s Korean so after I got home to Ormoc for a short vacation, I wouldn’t miss to try out Ormoc’s and prolly Leyte’s first ever Korean restaurant!

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5 Reasons Why You Should Try The Rope Course Adventure | Mountain View Nature’s Park

October 26, 2016

“Do it because it’s fun,” They said. “It’s really easy,” They added. After experiencing the Rope Course Adventure, YES, it was fun BUT it wasn’t as easy as what they have said.

I’m the indoor type of person, I love staying at home, drinking tea while reading a good book/manga or eating noodles while watching Korean dramas, anime or whatever series that caught my interest. But I’m always up for any challenge; I go hiking once in a while, just so you know and I also want to climb more mountains and try extreme adventures as well. So, last month Team Leader Rod and our ever pretty Support Miss Cai brought us to Mountain View Nature s Park for some stress-releasing activities and yes taking up the Rope Course Adventure is one of them.

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