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Ryokoki: The Pristine Sayahan Falls

April 8, 2017

Sayahan Falls is a newly discovered natural tourist attraction in Ormoc. Located at Barangay Gaas, Sitio Maglahug, Ormoc City, for an hour or two depends on your pace you’ll be able to see a sight to behold. This very pristine falls is very worth the trek. Who would have thought that there’s something like this in my hometown.

I spent my rest days last week at my hometown. This was a sudden trip, but still, I invited most of my close friends however only two manage to follow the call, Vi’s gala call and I thank them for keeping up with my impulsiveness.

It was a cloudy Sunday, weather forecast said that it will have some showers. That got me worried because every falls I saw equates to long walks and hard trail. I’m worried that it will be harder for us to go there but I think the heavens really wanted me to go there because the weather cleared up.  Continue Reading…

Travel Adventures

Ryokoki: Journey to Hanginan, Maasin City, Leyte

March 30, 2017

Maasin City, the capital city of Southern Leyte has been a place of religious pilgrimage in Region VIII. It has (if my memory serves me right) three religious destination that people from different walk of life visits, namely, St. Francis Xavier in Hanginan , Monte Cueva and the Mama Mary Shrine. Hanginan is one of the most popular pilgrimage sites not only in Leyte but also within Eastern Visayas.

St. Francis Xavier Chapel. Friends for keeps poses a photo for me. Arigato, guys.

This is my third time to visit and hike the 1,300 feet Hanginan but it will be my first time sharing it here on my blog, this is a backlog post but because Holy Week is coming once again, I finally decided to post this.

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Cosplay in Action now on its Year 2!

March 25, 2017

Cosplay in Action or CosAct for short started last year as a charity event intended to help the Aeta kids of Naga Cebu held at Robinsons Galleria Cebu. This year, Parkmall has partnered with Cebu Cosplayers Guild once again for a three-day fun filled event. Held last March 17, 18 and 19, at the said pet-friendly shopping mall, it’s highlight are the cosplay parade, cosplay completion, karaoke completion, card games and merchandise booths, (whispers) my favorite is the Aqours dance cover performance.

I attended on the last day (Day 3) because I have work on all the dates, I decided to sacrifice sleep on the very last day and mustered all my will to attend and even dragged a not-so-otaku friend. I really had fun since the last otaku related eventI attended was UP Otakufest – The Matrix last February, I hope my not-so-otaku friend enjoyed too.

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OPPO F1s: Pinoy #Foodstagram

March 14, 2017

Kim Bok Joo of Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok Joo made me realize even more that food is life!

After I got my Oppo F1S, here’s what happened to my Instagram newsfeed.

I instantly became a food blogger when my niche is about Asian Pop Culture and advneture. But even if I am an enthusiast of Asian Pop culture and tried different Asian food, I could proudly say that FILIPINO FOOD are the best food in the world.

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Travel Adventures

10,000 Roses Cafe, Cordova, Cebu

March 11, 2017

Last month, 10,000 Roses Café had it’s soft opening and Cebuanos flocked over to Cordova to visit the said cafe, it became so trending and now one of the tourist attraction.  This cafe is located in Cordova, Cebu almost an hour away to Cebu City (I don’t know if it’s less traffic). It’s just beside the floating restaurant, Lantaw. It was inspired by Dongdaemun Design Plaza’s LED Rose Garden in Seoul Korea. Korea’s version has a lot more of roses but nonetheless, Cebu’s version is so magical already. (How much more in Korean, mga oppa nako!)

So we went there unplanned because well, what to do when bored, right? It was like a friend messaged you, “let’s laag? where? basta!” and poof! So Yassi and I decided to meet at Parkmall. Continue Reading…