5 Reasons Why You Should Try The Rope Course Adventure | Mountain View Nature’s Park

October 26, 2016

“Do it because it’s fun,” They said. “It’s really easy,” They added. After experiencing the Rope Course Adventure, YES, it was fun BUT it wasn’t as easy as what they have said.

I’m the indoor type of person, I love staying at home, drinking tea while reading a good book/manga or eating noodles while watching Korean dramas, anime or whatever series that caught my interest. But I’m always up for any challenge; I go hiking once in a while, just so you know and I also want to climb more mountains and try extreme adventures as well. So, last month Team Leader Rod and our ever pretty Support Miss Cai brought us to Mountain View Nature s Park for some stress-releasing activities and yes taking up the Rope Course Adventure is one of them.

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Convergys YOUNIVERSE and Alden Richards, the face of success

October 24, 2016

The recently concluded YOUNIVERSE: Create, Celebrate in Cebu last October 18, 2016 at Ayala Terraces stage by Convergys, the largest private employer in the Philippines was a success. The event drew a huge crowd including job seekers, employees and other members of the community. The event’s main focus was to reinforce the company’s continued commitment to grow and provide local talent with limitless career opportunities.

The success of YOUNIVERSE seals Convergys’ dominance in Cebu. The company also announced that it is hiring 2,400 additional employees in Cebu this October to December.  According to Jojo Reyes, Convergys Group Vice President of Operations,  “We are grateful for what we have achieve through the people of Cebu. We want to continue giving them the best opportunities by joining Convergys and growing in their careers; supporting global, top brands of every industry we support. Whether it is in telecommunications, technology, financial service, retail or healthcare—the choice is theirs.”

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Bon Odori 2016 Experience

October 3, 2016

The Japanese Summer Festival: Bon Odori 2016 that was held last August 12-13 at Sugbu Grounds, South Road Properties (SRP), Cebu City, Philippines was a huge success with around 22,000 attendees, imagine the ocean of people! For only 20.00 pesos, it is more than worthy for a night of awesome cultural experience.

It’s my first time to attend Bon Odori and for a girl who’s been in love with Japan, attending a festival is a must right?


Credits: | So anime is such a huge influence, reasons why I want to experience a Japanese Festival |

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ToFiCon Pre-Event + SM Seaside Walkathon

September 13, 2016

Last month, I went to SM Seaside to witness an event at Cyberzone. Mainly, collections from various toygroups. From my/our favorite heroes, robots, vehicles and animes, all of this is for the anticipation of the next Cebu Toys and Figures Convention this coming December 10, 2016!

Thanks to Vanessa of Simply Vanessa for the invite. It’s my second time at SM Seaside. To be honest, I’m not a mall type, I’d rather be the climbing mountain and travelling type. So, yeah, I haven’t even gone to a lot of places here in Cebu ever since I got here, that’s why I’m glad I came out from my cave!

I’m not gonna talk or write more at this point. Here’s my photo spam of the pre-event!

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50+ Shades of Unemployed

September 12, 2016

I resigned from my first ever work after graduating last March. Things happened and I will share it in another entry. This is actually a random post but the urge is really strong to share the mundane things I did when I was an unemployed bum. Sounds non-sensical, right?

It’s my first time to be jobless. I was a working student my entire college life, after graduating, I was absorb by the work place I rendered my services to when I was a student assistant, after a month I got my first ever job! So, yeah, welcome to the harsh reality. Fast forward, here I am finally had my long rest.  Fair warning, these are  photos or sort of documentation of how my unemployed life was. If you are not interested you are free to click the exit or simply find another post you like in my blog. Thanks. Plainly the me right now is just being sentimental and that I realized a lot things with being a bum.

This is what happened when I told my little sister to comb my hair. I said, “comb”. Jolina Magdangal days are back! Decora style!

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