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Ryokoki: The Pristine Sayahan Falls

April 8, 2017

Sayahan Falls is a newly discovered natural tourist attraction in Ormoc. Located at Barangay Gaas, Sitio Maglahug, Ormoc City, for an hour or two depends on your pace you’ll be able to see a sight to behold. This very pristine falls is very worth the trek. Who would have thought that there’s something like this in my hometown.

I spent my rest days last week at my hometown. This was a sudden trip, but still, I invited most of my close friends however only two manage to follow the call, Vi’s gala call and I thank them for keeping up with my impulsiveness.

It was a cloudy Sunday, weather forecast said that it will have some showers. That got me worried because every falls I saw equates to long walks and hard trail. I’m worried that it will be harder for us to go there but I think the heavens really wanted me to go there because the weather cleared up. 


To be honest I’ve been living a sedentary life for almost a year already, the last time I climbed a mountain was March last year and suddenly climbing up and down the mountain for an hour (to and fro) without any preparations leads me to a sore body. I literally ache everywhere. So a friendly advice, prepare! Jog/walk 30 minutes a day.

It wasn’t an easy task at all, the trail was very steep, one wrong move and God knows what will happen. Luckily, our guide was a gentleman, he offered to carry our bags and stuff, we declined at first, however, Kuya Guide insisted because we need to hold on the ropes and if our hands are full, we might stumble and fall, and we also don’t know the trail yet, so we let him carry it.

The best thing about our journey to Sayahan was the scenery. Luscious green, mountain and the likes, a good change for all the tall buildings, smog and busy life in Cebu. As they say, enjoy the view while getting there.

Kuya Guide thank you for this blurry photo. Your effort is highly appreciated.

You will also see lots of Annyeong Tubig all the way, like the mini-Sayahan falls on the picture.

The hike is very exhausting to be honest, my heart wants to jump out of my chest and I feel like I released a one-year worth of sweat but…

Finally, look at the beaut. She is worthy of all my sore muscles, sweat and tears. Chos. 

                                                                                       Ninjas should train under the falling waters.

I could say that this falls is a really pure falls, so virgin, I have this thoughts that I hope it will stay that way.



My overall cost on this trip was about 500.00php. Not bad right?

From Ormoc City:

  • Please note, upon our interview with the locals, there’s only one jeep going directly to Brgy. Gaas. It will go to the city proper at estimatedly 5:00-7:00 and will go back at 12:00pm. So riding this jeep is out of the list, if you’ll ride, you will arrive at around 1:00 or 2:00 pm. The cut-off at Sayahan Falls is only at 2:00 pm.
  • We took this route: City Proper –> Simangan –> Brgy. Gaas, Sition Maglahug.
  • You can also ride a Jeepney going to Lake Danao but jeeps are rare, swear. (or was it only during our time there?)
  • Anyway, you can ride or rent a habal-habal for 300.00php back and fort to Simangan to Maglahug.
  • Guide fee is for 300.00php for 5/pax
  • 20.00php for Tourism Fee



The ice cold waterfalls. It can temporarily remove your exhaustion. However, please know how to be a responsible tourist. Never leave your trashes, the local tourism will also provide trash bags. Keep it pure, you guys.

There are no cottages, no stores (at the falls) or whatsoever. Just. Pure. Nature. Besh.

After Sayahan Falls, another good side trip is Lake Danao Nature Park. We went there as well for like 5 minutes and then it already started raining. The weather at Lake Danao feels like our office, freaking cold.

Since, my video blog is still on the way, I need this post with a potato wearing strawhat dabbing! Dab is life.

Know more about Sayahan Falls, you may send a PM on their official facebook page: Sayahan Falls or contact this number: 09484759666 (Sayahan Falls Point of Contact)


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