Sepanx on March 2k18

April 5, 2018

It was not too long ago when I found out what SEPANX means. I feel too old not knowing it. I’ve been hearing that word a lot of times but I didn’t bother to ask or search what’s the meaning behind it. Not until I strongly felt it and finally had the courage to ask the meaning of it last March.

March of 2018 has given me a lot of memories and feelings I can’t actually put into words (but I still tried). I kind of feel sad that it ended so fast and yeah, it’s already April. I thought I could not love March anymore, my memories of March are not that worth remembering especially my March on 2016. But I realize, without the March of 2016, I could not appreciate the March of 2018.

The first quarter of this year is done, how’s our 2018 resolutions and goals besties? How I wish that March would extend but we can only look back but we need to move forward. I decided to write this post and tell the world how I have a Separation Anxiety feels for March. March really came like a lion, you roared into my heart and left a strong impression so far this year. (yes, it’s a play on words with one of my favorite anime, 3-Gatsu no Lion / March Comes in like a Lion).


International Women’s Day at Mt. Mauyog 

March 8 was International Women’s Day. It was Wednesday when I was just randomly scrolling on my facebook newsfeed when I stumbled upon a travel blogger facebook friend who is looking for joiners on her International Women’s Climb. Luckily, I was free on that day that I managed to come with them. I will be posting my Mt. Mauyog Experience soon once I freed some adulting responsibilities.

It was Hanna of who initiated the climb, you can read her post HERE.


Love Life Retreat Batch 7

Congratulations to the new graduates of Love Life Retreat Cebu Batch 7!#BestRetreatEver #LoveLifeCebu

Posted by Love Life Cebu on Sunday, March 11, 2018


It’s been on my Bubble Map Goal this year to attend Love Life Retreat ever since I saw the video about the said retreat every time I attend The Feast since 2016. Testimonials and reviews have been good and I haven’t attended any retreat for years, the last retreat that has to do with overnight thingy was when I was a working scholar, then I attended recollection but it was 2 years ago. Finally, I got to experience THE BEST RETREAT EVER! No joke, no stir, it is the best! I will be posting my experience about the retreat soon. (yeah, another soon)


Meeting New Friends Outside of Work

Tell you what, one of the best things that happened after the retreat was being friends with my LOVE LIFE RETREAT BATCH 7 Batchmates! Best people in the world.


Time flies indeed! Now, April and the rest of 2018, I’m ready.


PS: If you want to know about Love Live Retreat in Cebu, please refer to the video below:

Love Life Retreat Batch 8

Have you reached a point when suddenly everything seems meaningless?My friend, it's time to take a pause and start over. RESET YOUR LIFE.Click link to restore your life settings.

Posted by Love Life Cebu on Monday, April 2, 2018

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