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May 25, 2016

It was a fine Palm Sunday near noon when we arrived in Tangkaan, Padre Burgos, Southern Leyte. We were nine travelling from our hometown Ormoc City by car and two pairs of lovers riding-in-tandems by motorcycles.

We came from a long hike back and forth to Hanginan in Maasin City when we drove all the way down south to Padre Burgos.

Travel from Maasin City to Padre Burgos takes about more or less 45 minutes.

It’s my second time to visit Tangkaan Beach but the awesome view never fails to entice me.

Crowded beach because it is Sunday!

The entrance fee is only P 5.00 per person. No fancy accommodation just cemented tables and chairs all over the shore. The price for the cemented tables ranges from P 100.00 to 500.00. We rented a 100.00 peso worth table.

We have our home cooked meal so we didn’t have to buy a lot of food. We just bought roasted chicken and some cold drinks at the heart of Maasin city.

As we come closer, we all heaved a deep sigh upon seeing the stairs that will lead us down to the beautiful beach. Imagine our long trek to and fro Hanginan and Monte Cueva. I can’t explain how exhausted we were. But the pain (char!) was all worth it when I saw the clear blue waters, illuminated by the clear sky. As I hear the waves crashing to the shore which was so relaxing and the feel of the powdery sand to my feet, the beach bum in me took over.

The view from a huge tall rock

We took our lunch and had a little rest just enough to bring back our energy bars to half full because it was really a tiring hike. After it, we took a relaxing walk (and selfies) along the beach. It was also a good time to catch up with long lost friends. We got to chit chat, talk non-sense and lots girl talk.

Mastering the art of Candid-acy. LOL

Friday striking a pose on an instagram worthy rock wall 🙂

Trying to take a rest

Tangkaan beach measures 6.5 hectares. It was also a marine protected beach since it’s a fish sanctuary. Since it was wavy that day, they say there a lot of sharks. Hell yeah, scary but study says humans are more scary that sharks.

You can also clearly see the Limasawa Island from Tangkaan beach.

Hours before we decided to go home, we decided to take a dip to the inviting blue waters. Swear, all the sore muscle feels were gone after soaking in the salty and wavy water. I was a bit unsure at first because I just got my hair rebounded, girl friends scaring me that it will get kinky and dry. I don’t really care but hell yeah, I still took a bath with you Tangkaan.

I also took a mental note that this will be my last time to have my hair rebonded!

The rental fee for the restroom is 5.00 pesos. I decided to rinse off the salt with tap water when unluckily they ran out of it! So yeah, imagine me dripping wet with salt water. I even begged and insisted that I would pay a fair amount just to rinse it off if not my body then my hair will do. JUST LET ME RINSE MY DAMN HAIR! But NO is a NO.

I change into fresh clothing feeling the salty particles all over my body. I kennat even! So yeah, I went home smelling like a dried fish.

On the way home, friends decided to buy Pasalubong and some cold treats, Halo-halo it is. Good thing, bless the kind soul of the Halo-Halo vendor, he let us use their restroom; I finally had a good taste of fresh water, oh lala, my hair.

Obligatory selfie 🙂

This Tangkaan adventure is just one of our side trips in our Southern Leyte Trip last March. I hope I could also post them soon too. It was really fun but as our car head back to our home town it silently tells me it’s fucking time to face reality again. Sucks but yeah, that’s life.


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