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Sepanx on March 2k18

April 5, 2018

It was not too long ago when I found out what SEPANX means. I feel too old not knowing it. I’ve been hearing that word a lot of times but I didn’t bother to ask or search what’s the meaning behind it. Not until I strongly felt it and finally had the courage to ask the meaning of it last March.

March of 2018 has given me a lot of memories and feelings I can’t actually put into words (but I still tried). I kind of feel sad that it ended so fast and yeah, it’s already April. I thought I could not love March anymore, my memories of March are not that worth remembering especially my March on 2016. But I realize, without the March of 2016, I could not appreciate the March of 2018. Continue Reading…



November 17, 2017

Fourth quarter, almost end of the year already, I can’t believe that 2017 is almost at the finish line. I’m amazed by how I managed to survive (ongoing) this year away from parents and it’s my personal new year again! Ha! Hence this lengthy, wordy, cheesy post.

Adulting age, quarter life. When I was twenty, I said a lot to myself that I will be like/have this and that at this age. Some I managed to achieve but some was a fucking stroke of reality, no matter how much I tried, so close but it wasn’t easy. Life ain’t easy, bitch. It slapped me hard, knocked me out cold. There was even a time I feel anxious about everything and depress about the situation I was before. I wouldn’t be writing this if I stop in that phase, right?

Continue Reading…