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Temple of Leah: A Sign of Undying Love

March 1, 2017

Temple of Leah is a fruit of love, sounds cheesy but yes,  Teodorico Adarna, father of actress Ellen Adarna and owner of Queensland motels, built the structure as a tribute to his wife Leah Villa Albino-Adarna. Isn’t he sweet? It’s like a Taj Mahal version here in Cebu.

I’ve wanted to visit Temple of Leah ever since I started working here but never got the chance due to some reasons. But finally, I was able to find time to go there. Thanks to Yassi and Regine who were really eager to go because according to them it’s insta worthy which is true.

It was a very sunny and humid afternoon when we decided to visit Temple of Leah. It cost us, 178 pesos, including the entrance fee and fare back and forth. It is still unfinished and a lot of construction going on (as I write and post this) but definitely it was worth the travel. The place will make you feel like you are not in Cebu. It feels like I’m in ancient Rome. The temple outside is a sight to behold.

A moment of silence for this shot because well, ancient looking pillars.

Oh, I also thought that there’s a mini showroom, gallery or they will let us in to some rooms for a bit of sightseeing but nah, visitors are only allowed to roam at the entrance and the grand staircase area.

    Leah in her throne. Siya na mahaba ang hair!

What I love is the view from the area; it’s overlooking the busy Metro Cebu. It was strategically built on top of a mountain to have a perfect view below.

It was still unfinished but definitely enjoyed my short visit there. I can’t afford yet to go to Rome but Temple of Leah is a piece of Rome itself here in Cebu so perhaps this will do.

Fun shot by Pepay as we try to imitate the girls on the fountain. Epic fail~!

Temple of Leah is located in Roosevelt St., Brgy. Busay Cebu City. They have also a facebook page you may contact them at this page: Temple of Leah FB page.

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