About Vi of A Sunny Happiness

Hello, I’m Vi. I’m a 20-something potato struggling in adulting. I was born in Pasig but I grew up in Leyte. I am a Haiyan survivor. I grew up in a family in which when I need something; I really have to work hard to earn it. Life is hard but it’s all worth it.

I am currently enjoying every bit of my independent life and adulting adventures here in Cebu. I am a Cebu-based blogger.

I’ve been blogging since I was 16 years old. Been to a lot of blogging platforms from multiply, tumblr and blogspot. I am former viannathegreatwhatever in tumblr and blogspot. I never thought that there is more to blogging than just sharing, reblogging, liking and posting until March 2015.

I do respond 99.9% so please don’t hesitate to drop a message anytime.

I dream of traveling every island of the Philippines and going to Japan and Korea but I’m setting my priorities straight for now, you know, adulting.




I want to serve my readers with happiness, a sunny one.  I want to leave a sunny state of mind or disposition to every reader that life may be hard at times, we may experience dark days but as the song said, “There’s a rainbow always after the rain,”but scientifically, rainbows can’t be made without a ray of sunlight or sunshine that is bent (refracted) while entering a droplet of water and reflected.

This blog now focuses on Lifestyle and  Adventures ( adulting / motivational / positivity / self-help post), sometimes budget travel and food blog post)

This blog will serve as a warm hugs to everyone. I will share to inspire and spread the positivity and good vibes. There will times of darkness, but I’ll limit myself and focus more on the lesson learned after the darkness.

I also considered myself as a sunny person, at my age; I swear I experience a lot already. I’m just shy and quite at first. I cry over little things. When I decided to do something, I’ll give my 101% to that. I never do a half-ass work.

Let’s get along well and I look forward in getting to know you to. Leave your blogs below at the comment so I could follow you. Also please do drop by on my SOCIAL MEDIA ACCOUNTS!


PS: I also own a geek blog, I don’t mind if you visit and let’s geek out each other: