Watsons #Hairgoals: Get that dream hair!

May 25, 2017

Ever came to a point where having a plain black hair feels so boring? I felt it. As a Filipina, I have my jet black, straight hair ever since. Not that I’m complaining, I love how I can style any style I want, long, short, curly, shaggy. But yes, I came to a point where having a black hair feels so plain.

It was last year when I decided to be braver and ticked off one of the things on my bucketlist—color my hair. I went to a salon but wasn’t satisfied with the results so I did a DIY color my hair. I never felt so liberating in my life. I remember one of my friends in the province said to me this when she saw me for the first time after coloring my hair,  “Does your mom agree with what you did to your hair?” I just replied that I didn’t ask for her permission and laugh it out. I think this is one of a perks of being a member of a traditional Filipino family, you have to ask permission of what you want to do even if you’re already a working young adult. But gladly, my Mom was not shocked; she even liked what my new hair color is. Months later, I decided to chop it off because summer and mom was not happy about.

Here’s a glimpe of my colored hair.

Anyway, I feel like coloring my hair once again. Blonde, rose gold, ultra dark brown, ash brown. How about, pastel ones and those bold, bright colors. I always dreamed of having a dark blue locks. Did you guys know that hair coloring is easy to do? Just get yourself the right products and viola! Hashtag, hairgoals it is!

Though, coloring your hair is not the only way to achieve hairgoals. Styling it is one of the easiest ways. High pony? City sleek? Short messy shag, undone waves or messy braids.
Stress not, sunny people.

Watsons got us!

The Flatlay buffet!

Watsons recently launch a new campaign to encourage female shoppers to go out of their hair comfort zones and discover different hair color and hairstyle trends–#Hairgoals, its aim is to introduced a whole new world of color and style options and alternatives for women. With a vast spread of products available in-store, Watsons shoppers will find it a cinch to go for the specific look that they desire.

Last May 22nd at SM Cebu Annex, I was invited for Watsons #Hairgoals launch. We were introduced to the best hair color brands in the market such as L’oreal, Revlon, Kolours, Bigen, Beautylabo, Lolane, Liese and Revia, Styling tools and products by JML, W. Elite, Babyliss, VS Sassoon, Tresemme, Aquanet, Finesse and Suave and Hair Care Products by Dove, Pantene and Creamsilk.

Plus another good news, sunnies! On May 27, 2017, catch the biggest hair color sale. Watsons Color Your Hair Day Sale—is a one-day nationwide sale on all hair color products. Get 50% off on brands like Revlon, Kolours, L’oreal, Beautylabo, Lolane, Revia, Liese and Bigen!

Head over to any Watsons store or at the SM Store Beauty Section for the biggest hair color sale!

Get that dream hair, mate!


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